Where Is Your Soul?

by Gil Michael

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Gil Michael's first release.
Guitar & Vocals: Gil Michael

CD Art work and label for CD is included as a bonus item with download

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released July 5, 2012

All songs words & music by Gil Michael EXCEPT Buckets Of Tears, words & music by Rob Moynes and I Don't See You Anymore words & music by Steven Oakland. Gil Michael's cover versions of these two songs included on this digital album with the permission of the original artist.

The following songs were mastered by AC Mastering www.acmastering.com
ROADS, Songs (from that place in time), My Little Girl, Buckets Of Tears

All other songs produced by Gil Michael

Cover art work and package design by Rick Ahlgren

Custom "Gil Michael" Banner header on BandCamp by Frank Bonilla



all rights reserved


Gil Michael California

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Track Name: SONGS (From That Place In Time)

Time of your life, that was the time of your life
Thoughts of memories may still remain
Songs we listened to still haven't changed

Shattered dreams and good wishes granted
How those old songs recall all of this
Puppy love that always seemed to miss

Songs from that place in time
Caught yourself believin'
You would live young endless life
Had no plans for leavin'
Songs are like old friends of mine
Always there when you need 'em

Snowy mountain tops and summer sunlight
Stretching out on California's coast
With my old friends I remember most

Chilling spine songs, romantic love songs
Going street dancing on Fiesta nights
Watching bands play under colored lights

Songs from that place in time
Caught yourself believin'
You would live young endless life
Had no plans for leavin'
Songs are like old friends of mine
Always there when you need 'em

Time of my life that was the time of my life
We were young and lived that endless day
But those old songs never go away
Track Name: Hello Old Friend

Hello old friend
Still can see your smile
Even though it’s only a memory

Hello old friend
Yes it’s been a while
Ten years or more or so it seems

Hello Old Friend
Hello Old Friend
Sure good to hear your voice again

Can’t wait to see you again
Wonder what’s taken us so long
All those feeling come rushing in
Feelings I thought were dead and gone

Hello old friend
Still the way you used to be
Always had a sparkle in your eye

Hello old friend
We lived a life so free
Made each other laugh until we cried

Hello Old Friend
Hello Old Friend
Laughing at old photographs again

So good to see you again
Wonder what’s taken us so long
We’re older now with wrinkled skin
But in our hearts we’re still so young

Hello old friend
Slow down the pace
Not ready to cross that finish line
Hello old friend
Nothing’s really changed
Still those crazy kids down deep inside

Hello Old Friend
Hello Old Friend
Wish our visit togethr never had to end

Let’s hear some old songs again
Wonder what’s taken us so long
Grab your guitar we’ll start right in
Maybe even learn a brand new song

Goodbye Old Friend
Until we meet again
Make a place in time for where and when.
Track Name: Buckets Of Tears (Cover of Rob Moynes song)

Don't know where I'll be tomorrow
Don't know where I'll be in a year
These days life is uncertain
it's just a bucket of tears

I'm lost on a lonely highway
Trying to find my way back home to you
Babe! I've lost all sense of direction
and the love of friends I once knew
Buckets of tears coming through

I wish that this was another one of my bad dreams
and I would wake up by your side
I wish I could have put those poisons down
and that's where I'd be today
But I'm standing in the rain
and Goddamn those clouds!
It looks like buckets of tears falling down

So hey hows it going?
when you asked me I said I was fine
but this pain does not get much better
even with the passing of time

It was a long long road together
and I guess it just had to bend
But I'm still searching for that off ramp
that will bring me back home again
And maybe these nightmares will end.

Track Name: Together Once Again

Like being awake in a dream
That’s how it felt with you
That’s how it all once seemed
Making Love brand new

When we drove each other apart
You walked away with my heart

You and Me
Together once again
I know it just can’t be
But I can always dream

No matter where we go
You know I’ll always care
I hope you’ll always know
and remember times we shared

Across all the years and the miles
Hope I can still make you smile

It’s been decades since those days
Memory of you is still clear
Time has passed away
But part of me holds you dear

You’ve made a new life somewhere
With people who Love you there

You and Me
Together once again
There in my memory
Right up till the end