Live On The River

by Gil Michael

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These songs were all recorded live in the studio. The "Live On The River" cover art is just for fun.


released January 4, 2012

Special thanks to visual artist Frank Bonilla for the album art work. See the original image here:

Custom "Gil Michael" Banner header on BandCamp by Frank Bonilla

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Gil Michael California

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Track Name: Time & Space
Rusty and old
Left out in the cold
It’s been so long
Forgot about me
You lost the key
To start me up & turn me on

Youth is gone
Time moves on
You’ll never win that race
Just Look at yourself
See The age in your face

Can’t travel back
through time and space
Not Much more time
Time left to waste

Trying to find
A state of mind
Different time and place
Trying to find a feeling
To fill the empty space

Drive an old car
Hear an old song
It might take you there
Hop inside
Let’s go for a ride
Feel the wind in our hair

Forever young
That song’s been sung
Just a memory
But all those old songs
Like a time machine

It’ll take you back
through time and space
When we were young
So much time to waste

Lookin for a future
Buried in the past
Lookin for a Love
Love that can last
Lookin for truth
For the fountain of youth
Hope I find it fast

We can travel back
Through time and space
Say it can’t be done
Hearts will find a way
Track Name: Set My Heart Free
I never saw you in the daylight
Just your reflection in the night
When I needed you
you were never there
Just a beautiful ghost
Hanging in the air

And I needed you
You never needed me
What can I do
To set my heart free

Yeah I played the fool
Didn't realize
Didn't want to see
what was never in your eyes
But I don't regret ever trying
To save a Love meant for dying

Well I played my hand
but I just can't fold
And to get to the end
the story must be told

And I needed you
You never needed me
What can I do
To set my heart free

When I see you now
I never feel the same
Don't want to go back
and play all those games
All the Love that I wasted
Brand new day time to face it

Now I worked it out
It’s all good for me
I finally learned
To set my own heart free
Track Name: How Can I Forget You
Like a little drop of sadness
In a tear that I once shed
Thought I moved on years ago
But now I'm thinking of you instead

I can still feel the madness
see the storm clouds up ahead
When you fell into my arms
Then we rolled into my bed

Like a nuclear reaction
Only safe when it's contained
Started a chain reaction
And then the meltdown came

How can I forget you?
That crazy Love affair
Time can't erase memories
And why do I still care
How can I forget you?
and your crazy little ways
We didn't worry about tomorrows
We just had yesterdays

Confusion followed quickly
Then darkness filled the air
Nothing left but ashes
And a burned out hollow stare

Your chemical dependence
Like a knife right through my heart
Tried to be your savior
But never got very far

I don't know where you are now
Don't know what else I can say
Try and forget the memory
Probably better off that way

How can I forget you?
Sometimes I wish I could
Watched your self destruction
And none of it was good
How can I forget you?
How you threw it all away
Crippled by the poisons
Numbed by all your pain

Lessons life has taught me
All the new things that I know
How Love can't always conquer
So I had to let you go.
Track Name: Who You Gonna Be?
I don’t get it
I just feel it
I can’t buy it
I can’t steal it

I just love it
I can’t hate it
I just sing it
I just play it

Who You gonna be?
Who? Only Me!

I can’t fake it
I can’t smell it
I can’t taste it
I don’t sell it

I could lose it
I can’t choose it
I get excited
I can’t fight it

Who You gonna be?
Who? Only Me!
Here I am in the moment
And I feel it coming through

On a mission
No competition
I Cant win it
I’m Just in it

And I’ll know it
When I hear it
Speaking to me
My spirit

Who You gonna be?
Who? Only Me!
Track Name: Still Looking For The Road To Freedom
I was driving in the middle of nowhere
It was dark outside and cold
Looking for a little of somewhere
A place I can call my home
I got no destination
Just driving down the road
A man can't reap what he's too afraid to sow

Still looking for the road to freedom
I can tell it's not far away
Maybe I'll find it tomorrow
Or maybe get lucky today
Gotta find that place

Last night I had a crazy dream
You were with me in my room
Maybe it's a message, a message from above
Don't ever run away run away from Love

Driving down the road again
Thinking about that dream
But I feel I'm going round in circles
A road to nowhere it seems
Take another drink and sing those blues
Don't get anywhere until you pay those dues

Still looking for the road to freedom
I can tell it's not far away
Maybe I'll find it tomorrow
Or maybe get lucky today
Gotta find that place

Try to fix me up but I can't hang around
I just might end up, end up in your town.
In your town