Beginning Of Time

by Gil Michael

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Modern Folk Songs


released July 5, 2012

Words & Music by Gil Michael EXCEPT for "Tent City" and "Cry For The Fishermen" words by Howard C. Holbert and music by Gil Michael

All tracks produced by Gil Michael except for:
Light Years Away, Tent City, Rescue Me and Drill Baby Drill
mastered by AC Mastering

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all rights reserved


Gil Michael California

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Let's appoint a commission.
Try and place the blame.
Start legal maneuverings.
You know the game.

Withhold information
Don't let the public know
Limit Liability!
Meanwhile oil flows
Drill Baby Drill

So we sit and we talk
And talk some more
Start partisan bickering
Dead sea life washes ashore

Every minute wasted
On political games
Means more sea life lost
Have they gone insane?
Drill Baby Drill

Speedy Drilling Greed
Damaged blowout seal
70,000 barrels a day
Time to get real

As the Gulf Coast turns to dead zone
Devoid of all life
Oil Plume underwater
Too late to make it right
Drill Baby Drill

Damage Control!
That's all we can do
When will it end?
Nobody has a clue

Turn you back on Nature
Try and cover your a$$
testify to congress
They liked your campaign cash
Drill Baby Drill
Drill Baby Drill
Drill Baby Drill
Track Name: Hate

When you were born you didn’t know how to hate
Came into the world an innocent soul with a clean slate
As you grew up then you looked around the schoolyard
Went to make some new friends but they called you ugly names and hit you hard
You came to me tears rolling down your face
Broke my heart to tell you that they’ve already learned to hate

So as you walk through life remember to avoid
People who hate their fellow man and are looking to destroy

Just because someone else hates you...doesn’t need to feel the hatred too
We might just end up saving the world
But it starts with you my friend...and all our little boys and girls
Put aside your differences....and preconceived beliefs
Believe in Love then we can all...start living in Peace

You asked me “daddy how did the world ended up this way?”
All I can hope for is when you grow up you’ll be OK
So never be afraid to stand for peace and love
Don’t let fear take over……learn to rise above
Stay away from people who always believe they’re right
They’re only really looking to start a fight

And religious extremists on both sides would have you believe like them or go away or die


Beware of corporate media news…..reports on war
They’ll treat it like a sports game and just keep score
They’ll give it some ridiculous name and hype it for prime time
Gotta keep the sponsors happy and meet the bottom line
Don’t even bother anymore to tell the people what’s wrong
The days of good night and good luck are now long gone

So take these lessons you've learned and pass them on
Go out in the world and sing your song

Track Name: Child Without A Home

Somehow we lost our way
Nowhere to turn today
Somewhere In the USA
A child’s without a home

Well there’s something I can’t reconcile
Some children haven’t eaten in a while
While some billionaires are living in style
While a child’s without a home

This Is Wrong

Three Decades of Wall Street Greed
Went unnoticed by the SEC
Caused a crash of our economy
Now a child’s without a home

People watch homes foreclose
Lost jobs when the economy froze
A school provides food and clothes
To help children without homes

This is wrong

And our government should be ashamed
They had decades to stop greedy games
Yet they chose to look the other way
Another child’s without a home

We pay out bonuses to billionaires
Nobody asked if that was even fair
To the homeless child standing over there
Dreaming about a home

This is wrong
Track Name: Beginning Of Time

Ever since the beginning of time
Mother Nature has a rhythm and rhyme
Then Man came along
With his industrial crimes

Human race can only survive
If we stand by Mother Nature’s side
She’s suffered our abuse
Up to her to decide
Can we win back trust or will she leave us behind?

If war and killing wasn’t enough
Man pollutes the air with poisonous stuff
Burns rainforests and fill the ocean with oil


All God’s creatures have their place
It’s not just about the human race
Everything’s connected
And what gives us the right
To kill and destroy
all that beautiful life

Global warming is upon us now
Took us a while to figure it out
And now that we know
We need to turn it around

And now we talk of being green
Promoting clean energy
While we burn fossil fuel
And build our war machines
And worry about the world economy

Will we ever learn to live in harmony
Will we ever learn to live responsibly
Will there ever be a time when we can live in peace


Mother Nature’s gonna take a stand
‘Cause she’s tired of being raped by greedy man
Being stripped of precious gifts every single day
She’s left battered and bruised
and laid to waste

I see an innocent Childs face
They can help us illuminate
Shine the light of Love
On the darkness of Hate

Ever since the beginning of time
Mother Nature has a rhythm and rhyme
Let’s be thankful for
All that she provides

She asks nothing in return
For sustaining life
Our time here on earth
Is just a blink of her eye